North Bay

Rare Coin & Jewelry


What We Buy


~ Gold & Platinum ~

At North Bay Rare Coin & Jewelry WE PAY THE MOST for GOLD and PLATINUM. WHY? Because we have developed many different markets and customers all over the country for selling gold and platinum in all of its forms. We cringe when we hear the stories every day of people who send off their precious metals in the mail to those "Other Companies" and receive far less than a fair price. Bring in your items to us today and compare!


WE BUY: Coins, Bars, Nuggets, Old Jewelry  (any condition, 9Kt, 10 Kt, 12 Kt, 14 Kt, 18Kt, 22Kt, 24 Kt ) and all purities of Gold!, Dental Gold, Pens, Watches, Medals, Industrial Gold and Platinum, Platinum Crucibles, Platinum Thermocouple Wire. NOT SURE?  Let us check it out.


~ Diamonds & Gems ~

We Buy Diamonds and colored Gemstones in all sizes, qualities and price ranges. Our main diamond buyer, Rob Chramosta, attends many of the largest jewelry trade shows in the United States and has a broad knowledge of and many customers for the gemstones we buy.


ONE BIG DIFFERENCE that you, the seller benefits from when selling to North Bay Rare Coin & Jewelry is that we buy Diamonds in all price ranges for general inventory. Many companies only buy your Gemstones if they have a customer for them or they only take them on consignment. We BUY OUTRIGHT and PAY IMMEDIATELY.


WE BUY DIAMONDS: Mine-Cut, European-Cut and Modern-Cut Diamonds, Round, Pear, Oval, Marquis, Princess, Heart, and Emerald-cut Diamonds. We buy diamonds 5 carats and up, Colored Diamonds, even Diamonds that are chipped or broken. We buy Diamonds that are loose or set, Certified or not.


WE BUY COLORED GEMS: We buy quality Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires, other types of colored Gems, and Pearls. We buy Gemstones loose and set.


~ Coins & Currency ~

WE ARE THE TOP BUYER FOR RARE COINS IN THE COUNTRY! Our Chief Coin Buyer, Greg Krill, has been trading in Rare Coins for over 35 years and has a strong national reputation as one of America's leading dealers. (See the About Us page).


From CENTS to $50.00 GOLD PIECES, we have thousands of customers across the country who are continually asking us for nice coins to add to their collections! We buy coins in ALL price ranges; we have bought many coins in excess of $100,000.00 each!


WE BUY: Silver Coins, Silver Dollars, Gold Coins, Rare Dates, Sets in Albums, Rolls, Bulk Coins, Certified Coins, Investment Portfolios, Proof & Mint Sets, Foreign Coins, Paper Money, Tokens, and Medals.


(Note: DO NOT CLEAN your coins, even if they are tarnished , as THIS WILL REDUCE THE VALUE.)


~ Silver ~

We Buy Silver in all of its forms and pay top prices. We have strong markets for:


Coins, Bars, Granules, Sterling Silver, Silverware, Bowls, Tea Set Pieces and Trays, (monogramed or not), and all Jewelry. Show us any items in question!


(*Note: DO NOT CLEAN any silver items even if they are tarnished, as THIS WILL REDUCE THE VALUE.)


~ Jewelry ~

Jewelry is the biggest category of items that we buy! We are looking for Gold, Silver, & Platinum in newer styles, as well as ANTIQUE and ESTATE JEWELRY. Our established retail store has developed many customers over the years and we also sell at shows throughout the United States. We handle everything in jewelry from the simplest item for the gold value to high quality intricate designer pieces at many thousands of dollars apiece. We buy a wide range of styles and conditions - even broken and worn jewelry.


We are buying the biggest names for the BIGGEST PRICES. Not sure? Bring it in for a FREE EVALUATION. Not wearing that DIAMOND TIARA on your head any longer? Bring it in - it never hurts to ask!




We purchase Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Chains, Earrings,

Money Clips, Tie-Tacs, Cuff Links, Pendants, & Much More.


American * European * Asian * Mexican * Indian * Victorian * Filigree * Enameled

Art Deco * Art Nouveau * Cameos * Pearls * Gemstones * Vintage Costume & more.


~ Watches ~

Watches you say? You've come to the right place. From $50.00 to $50,000, we are one of the foremost National Experts on quality Pre-owned Watches. We continually buy and sell MILLIONS OF DOLLARS worth of fine watches each year. We know value and will offer you the BEST DEAL or pay you the STRONGEST PRICE!


- Pocket Watches & Wrist Watches Wanted - Running or not.


Patek Philippe * Vacheron * Rolex * Le Coultre*  Corum * Audemars * Piaget

Jules Jurgensen * Cartier * Breitling * Omega * Hamilton * Waltham * Illinois

Ball * A. Lange * Repeaters * Musical *Chronographs * Railroad * Moon Phase

And Hundreds More!


~ Fine Artwork & Bronzes ~

North Bay Rare Coin & Jewelry is always looking for quality oil paintings from American and European Artists. We also buy a broad range of Fine Art including Water Colors, Rare Prints, California Art, Asian Art, Bronze Works, and Drawings and Sketches by famous artists.


~ Collectibles ~

We buy a broad range of Collectibles including:


Stamp Collections * Sports Cards and Sports Memorabilia * Comic Books

Famous Autographs * Historical Documents * Military Items including Awards, Uniforms, Swords, & Medals * Revolutionary & Civil War Items

Maritime & Nautical Items * Pottery & Art Glass * Early Hollywood Memorabilia Presidential & Political Items * Movie Posters & Memorabilia * Gold Rush Items Disney Animation Items & more!


~ Antiques ~ 

North Bay Rare Coin & Jewelry is always looking for quality antiques, large or small. The list is HUGE. Where do we begin?


Old Art Glass & Vases * Fine Porcelain * Oriental Rugs  Musical Instruments  Perfume Bottles * Purses and Compacts * Antique Lamps * Fountain Pens

Fine Furniture * Fancy Ink Wells * Bronze Works Antique Toys * Coin Banks

Clocks * Baccarat & Lalique * Steuben * Roseville * Hummels & much more.


Let us evaluate and offer you CASH for your Antique Treasures!